Property management

The following is a scope of our services.
Additional services will be available, can be arranged and costs will be discussed with you.

1.1 Property Management

-   Property inspection weekly in- and outside
-   Checking on eventual damages, repairs needed etc.
-   Pick up incoming mail and forwarding it to you by e-mail
-   Sending photos of property from time to time
-   Settlement of all utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, internet etc.
-   Hiring of specialized companies for necessary repairs and maintenance work
-   Assign and supervise services for pool and garden as well as pest-control       
-   Allocate a monthly statement and reporting all necessary documents to your tax

1.2  Handyman services

Small duties we are doing by ourselves - this will keep the costs low

    · Replace of light bulbs (only material will be charged)
    · Changing the filters of air conditioners frequently
    · Replace batteries of “smoke-alarms”, watches etc.
    · Replacement of damaged screen fields
    . Maintenance of house- and door locks
    · Carrying out of small repairs
    · Putting up hurricane-shutters and checking on any storm damages etc.

1.3 House cleaning

    · Final cleaning after a letting
    · Basic cleaning
    · Window cleaning
    · Grill cleaning etc.

1.4 Pressure cleaning

Duties to be carried out

    · Pool area
    · Driveway to garage
    · Entrance to house
    · Boat dock etc.

All duties will be done with high efficiency and professional equipment.

1.5 First Set-up for your house

- Registration to LCEC
- Registration to the public water supply
- Phone, TV, Internet
- House Insurance